Ghost Hunter

Are you afraid of Ghosts? Not sure that they are real? How about finding out from an expert and getting a chance to look for some yourself. Join us for a night supernatural paranormal info and excitement.
The first 50 student are welcome to join Chris on an actual Ghost hunt on campus. Join them if you dare!!

DATE: October 31, 2018
TIME: 6pm
LOCATION: Student Center Auditorium

Chris was born in 1967, the son of Patricia Fleming and Chicago Blackhawks’ hockey legend Reggie Fleming. Though he traveled extensively with his parents and sister during his father’s active years playing hockey, Chris spent most of his childhood in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. As early as he can remember, Chris Fleming was prone to experiencing extraordinary encounters in the form of ghosts and unexplained phenomena, from dark shadowy forms coming out of closets and dim corners, to glowing ghosts manifesting above grade school friends during sleepovers. As these experiences increased, Chris–fearfully at first–began studying the ghosts as they moved around the house and even interacted with him. Soon he grew aware of how they used telepathy to hear his thoughts, and even project themselves from one side of the room to another almost instantly. He also learned quickly that his fears were never hidden from them. After several years of encounters, Chris befriended a spirit who introduced himself as Henry. This spirit would warn Chris about other ghosts and entities, as well as tell him things about the spirit world and universe. Chris conversed with Henry on the Ouija board from 1975-1979 before Henry moved on, but one particular conversation stands out in Chris’s memory to this day: One afternoon Chris, who had recently seen the movie Close Encounters, asked Henry if there is life elsewhere in our solar system. Henry answered “Europa,” and when Chris asked what type of life is on Europa, the spirit responded, “Plant and bacteria.” Twenty years later, Chris was folding laundry and listening to CNN in the background when he heard something in the broadcast that caught his attention: a reporter was announcing that scientists now believe there may be plant or bacteria life on the sixth moon of Jupiter, a moon called Europa. read more