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Final Stretch 2023


SPC wants students at SIU to get involved and have a say at what part of their activity fee money goes to. Join a committee and help plan events!

Company Overview

"The Student Programming Council (SPC) is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) that is made up of 9 students who are responsible for planning and implementing a plethora of exciting cultural, educational, recreational and social events that you, the student want. SPC is directed by students, for students, and is supported by a portion of every student’s activity fee."


SPC programs the following types of events:

  • Comedy
  • Concerts
  • Films
  • Homecoming events
  • Late Nite Programs
  • DIY events
  • Lectures
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • and so much more

General Information

Committees consist of students who are interested in providing the SIU student body with programming per their committees interests.

Connect With Us

Twitter: @SPC_SIU
Instagram: SPC_SIUC
Facebook: spc.siu

SIU Registered Student Organization information

Office of Student Engagement:  Get Involved website